Lorell 99976 3-Speed Fan LED Desktop Desk Lamp, 18″, Black




Product Description: Introducing the versatile Lorell 99976 3-Speed Fan LED Desktop Desk Lamp, designed for functionality and convenience. This 18″ black lamp merges the benefits of an LED desk lamp with a convenient built-in 3-speed fan, providing optimal lighting and creating a comfortable environment in your workspace or study area. The lamp features a sleek, modern design with a black color that complements any decor style. The adjustable lamp shaft allows you to control and direct the light wherever you need it. With a lifespan of 40,000 hours, the energy-efficient LED bulb reduces energy consumption and provides a bright and clear light for reading, working or studying. The most unique feature of this lamp is its in-built 3-speed fan. Offering quiet operation, it cools your space efficiently making it an ideal desk companion during hot weather or in stuffy rooms. Easily switch between fan speeds to adjust to your personal comfort level. The Lorell 99976 is not just a lamp, but also a fan and an influential style staple, adding a contemporary edge while providing practical solutions for your everyday lighting and cooling needs. This product deserves a spot on every desk for its efficient functionality and smart design. A product created for your convenience, the Lorell 99976 3-Speed Fan LED Desktop Desk Lamp is more than just a lamp. It’s an investment in comfort and productivity. Order yours now to transform your workspace into a cooler, brighter, and more pleasant environment.



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